Marcconti 這一技術解決了自然卷、毛躁髮質等的問題,是一項拉直頭髮的技術突破,一次性燙直,很少損傷髮質和毛鱗,燙髮後髮絲亮麗、平整、塑造出全新的筆直效果、永久保持。

A new form of straightening perm which fulfills the needs of customers. Marcconti makes possible arrangements that were previously unattainable. Gentle on hair and with a soft texture, Marcconti allows for finishes where curls and straight parts coexist.






Marcconti 0 Cream Type
• 燙前防護 Pretreatment item
• 防過度軟化劑, 為秀髮提供最密切的柯護。
An item for use in reduction, preventing the 1st Agent (Liquid) from penetrating. Through advance application to delicate a pair of hair, it protects against excessive softening.






Marcconti 50 Cream Type
1st Liquid 400g / 2nd Liquid 400g
• 化妝品類型 Cosmetic type
•50 是給于有處理過的髮 以及輕微的自然卷。
50 is a cream type which  works on already-treated hair from mid-parts to hair tips, and corrects of weaker natural curls.





quasi drug-01

Marcconti 100 Cream Type
1st Liquid 400g / 2nd Liquid 400g
• 100 適用于新生自然卷髮
100 is a powerful type which works on newly grown curly hair.





quasi drug-01

Marcconti 120 Cream Type
1st Liquid 400g / 2nd Liquid 400g
• 120 適用于新生髮頑固的自然卷
120 is a very powerful and can correct stiff hair and obstinate newly grown curls.